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2 Machining centres “CLOCK 700 MP18”

The „Clock 700“stands out due to its high performance and precision, speed and reliability. Its short tool and pallet change time make it especially competitive and flexible for machining of steel and aluminum. The “CLOCK 700“ can be configurated even as a 5 axle multi-tasking machine for turning, milling and grinding.
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1 universal milling machine „DMU 85 monoBLOCK“ made by DMG MORI SEIKI

The monoBLOCK from series NEXT GENERATION offers a machining concept for all sectors: be it a 5 axle simultaneous machining, high speed cutting with high dynamics, milling with high speed and a high torque or for the big sector of parts manufacturing with 3 to 5 axles. With the new monoBLOCK each part will be an astonishing masterpiece in the end.
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1 universal milling machine “DMU 50” made by DMG MORI SEIKI

The machines of series DMU made by DECKEL MAHO offer one of the most advanced and precise 5 axle technologies available on the market. Our patented and optimised 5 axle concepts satisfy customers around the world of all branches, be it as a basic machine or for higher demands.
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1 machining center vertical “DMC ECO 1035V” made by DMG MORI SEIKI

A machining center of avant-garde has to be productive, flexible and easy to handle. This is demonstrated by the models of the series ecoMILL in C-shape. Always looking for the quickest way from design to the final part.
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Software System CAD/CAM Open Mind (HyperMILL)

HyperMILL® permits a very efficient programming, whether easy or complex geometry. Thanks to a great variety of working strategies it is possible to perform a complete machining of a raw part with only one setting. The benefits: continuous and efficient processes, shortest machining time possible and highest performance.
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